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Start Skydiving Milestones


Start Skydiving Milestones

Arianna Williams and Alex Lupson earned their AFF ratings. Alex also received his tandem and PRO ratings this year. 

 Andy Kemp broke the State record for most jumps made in one day.

Garett Hoffar, Dana Mueller, Amber Wright, Rick Winkler, John Wright, Emily MacDonald and Tara Poteet completed the couch course with Matt Cline, Jennifer Olson, and Clint Cappelle.

  Gary Holden had 3 great achievements this year. He did his 500th jump, obtained his PRO rating, and got his D-license.

  Our fearless leader Gene Newsom joined us in the air for the first time in 5 years!  

 State High Altitude Record participants: Eric and Kristi Boerger, John ‘Rudder’ Harth, Joe Nesbit, Gary Holden, Kyle Sward, Shannon Sweeney, Tara Poteet , Matt Harvey, Bud Prenatt, Tyler Roemer, Garett Hoffar, and Jen Olson.

Team Fastrax moved us again with their 9/11 Demo over our DZ. Photo by Melanie Johnson


Our manifest princess Trish Lyndon got engaged to tandem instructor Clint Leighton. (I heard she is pregnant.)  

Start 4-Way brought us home a silver medal from Nationals.  

And our saucy Team Tenacity came in 9th place, with a 10 point average.  

Amber Wright, Shannon Sweeney (Poteet), Maya Tayake, Kayla Miller, and Tara Poteet set four female high altitude records on one jump! Photo by Kayla Miller.  

The 4th annual Work Stinks Boogie!    

Todd Johnson received his PRO rating and completed his 500th skydive! Photo by Brad Hunt.  

We purchased the FBO, now called Start Aviation Services.  

Start Skydiving Florida opened up for it’s second season headed up by Princess Manifestriss Trish Lyndon.  

Travis and Tristan Donley added a new member to our skydiving family and manifest. Baby Tess!

    • Travis Donley, Bud Prenatt, and John Hart III completed the Instructor Examiner Course.
    • Melanie Johnson, Alex Hart, Todd Johnson , Gary Holden, Alex Lupson, Thomas Margand, and  Joe Frolick received their PRO ratings
    • Cameron Caldwell, Kyle Whittier, Garett Hoffar, Dana Mueller, Amber Wright, Rick Winkler, John Wright, Emily MacDonald and Tara Poteet  completed the Coach Course.
    • Jump milestones:
    • 6,000- Dan Paganini
    • 5,000- Matt Cline, Dan Paganini
    • 4,000- Lonnie Kirk
    • 2000- Eric Boerger, Thomas Margand
    • 1,000- Scott Smalley,  Jonathan Newman, Alex Hart
    • Loads 2880
    • Slots 43571
    • Tandems 9291
    • Aff Jumps 876
    • USPA A License 36
    • Team Fastrax Demonstration Jumps 248
    •  State Records @ Start Skydiving
    • High altitude general Kristina Boerger, Eric Boerger, John T. Harth, Matthew R. Harvey, Robin A. Heider, Garrett Hoffar, Gary Holder, Terry Moore, Tyler Romero, Kyle Sward, Joe T. Nesbitt, Jennifer R. Olsen, Bud W. Prenatt III, Shannon L. Sweeney
    • High altitude female  Melanie Johnson, Kayla Miller, Tara Poteet, Shannon Sweeney, Maya Tayake, Amber Wright
    • High altitude collegiate Kayla Miller
    • Most jumps female Andrea Kemp
    • 4-way general John Wright, Matthew Harvey , James Creech, Kyle Whittier, Jonathan Newman
    • Large formation general BUNCH

“Special Thanks To: Tara Poteet and Bud For all the Good Info”

Gene Newsom

Start Skydiving & Team Fastrax Professional Skydiving Team
Middletown Regional | 1711 Run Way Drive | Middletown, Ohio 45042
877GOJUMP2 / 877.465.8672
Click Here For New 9 /11 Memorial Jump 2011
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Click Here For Team Fastrax documentary
Click Here For 9/11th Memorial Jump in New York


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