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Start Skydiving 3 27 2012

News from Start Skydiving: Ohio Numbers 19 – 26 March 2012: Slots:     221 Loads:   21 Tandem 38 AFF  1 Fun Jumpers Slots 133 Vector/Sigma Tandem Certification Course 3 Jumper’s started the Certification Kyle Whittier Matt Harvey Paul Wignall Alex Hart lands after a hop and pop. Photo by Melanie Johnson The mustached men, Dan Paganini … Continue reading

Start Skydiving 3 19 2012

News from Start Skydiving: We will be openin up again on Wednesday for fun jumpers. And will be having another Speedstar with special guest Mr. John Hart on the last load. Last one in buys the beer. The numbers keep growing and the dropzone is getting more prepared to reach that 10,000 tandem goal for … Continue reading

Start Skydiving 3 12 2012

News from Start Skydiving: We had a FANTASTIC weekend! Over 300 slots, 7 new AFF students, and almost all of the Start Skydiving family came out to celebrate opening weekend with us. We have 3 new coaches, Adam Ralston, Ryan Boone, and Paul Wignall. That means there will be plenty of free beer next weekend! … Continue reading

Start Skydiving 3 05 2012

    News from Start Skydiving: Safety Day:   Thank you to everyone who came out and joined us today for Start Skydiving’s annual Safety Day presentation! It was a HUGE turnout! We had over 150 people in attendance today!!! It was awesome to see everyone’s face after such a crazy winter season. We are stoked … Continue reading