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Start Skydiving -Bill Memorial

Remembering Bill:

15267986_1234933926598909_9049211513077995363_nPFC Bill Wilch United States Army 29th Infantry Division.

First wave on Omaha Beach and recipient of two Purple Hearts


“Never was so much, owed by so many, to so few.” -Winston Churchill


Shannon and Bill.


Bill and Perry.


Larry improvising a wheelchair for Bill.


Steve and Bill.


Bill shooting during Warrior Weekend to Remember.


Bill and Nita with their winnings at the VFW!


Bill with Team Fastrax at a local demo.




Bill wanted Lady GaGa to jump out of his birthday cake. We couldn’t get Lady Gaga but we did get him to another great place to celebrate, HOOTERS!


Bill and Adrian Nagleson.


Bill enjoying the sunset at Start Skydiving towards the end of a great day of jumping.

15380483_1238583466233955_8011768812703682760_n“Let’s Get the Hell Off This Beach.”

Rest In Peace Bill.




News from Team Fastrax:

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Old Glory Flying high above Bill’s Memorial Ceremony.


Team Fastrax outside Bill’s Memorial Ceremony.


Ria Hale at Bill’s Memorial Ceremony.


Team Fastrax members (top left to bottom right) John, Gene, Nita, Steve, Nate, Amy, Derrick, and Perry all pictured with Bill’s Purple Heart.


Team Fastrax members (top left to bottom right) Lance, Cheryl, Larry, Patrick, Sam, Matt, and Dana all pictured with Bill’s Purple Heart.


Team Fastrax flying the American Flag, Gold Star Honor and Remember Flag, and Purple Heart Flag over Bill’s memorial service. 


21 Gun Salute.


Dan landing the American Flag at Bill’s Memorial Service.


Team Fastrax members, Sam and Perry, took Bill’s Purple Heart to the 2016 Army/Navy football game.


U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club – Ohio Chapter


PFC Bill Wilch United States Army 29th Infantry Division.

First wave on Omaha Beach and recipient of two Purple Hearts

Rest In Peace.



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