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Start Skydiving 06 02 2015

News from Start Skydiving:


10367554_10204240877925287_343958457529923587_n“Sarah Renée Always to be Remembered”


 It’s time to start recruiting volunteers for the 2015 Warrior Weekend to Remember!           Click here to register


 Recent Accomplishments

Chris For USPA

It’s time to announce Chris “Ditch” Nunn candidacy for the Mid-Eastern Regional Director for USPA board, Start Skydiving fully supports Ditch his decision. so get out and vote For Ditch!


Chris Nunn 


Upcoming Events at Start Skydiving

Contributed by Arianna Williams

Here are some of the major events we have planned for 2015. Be sure to check our Start Skydiving Facebook page and Online Calendar for more events, information, and updates.


$18 slots every Wednesday for experienced jumpers.


200 Jump Minimum. Course follows USPA recommendations. Wingsuit rental for the weekend if needed; get as many jumps as you like. Additional coaching during rental will be included.

$100 + Slot with wingsuit rental
$75 + Slot without wingsuit rental

Rental wingsuits available:
I-Bird – 5′ 3″
Phantom 2 – 5′ 9″
Phantom 3 – 6′ 10″

Additional suits are available from Wicked Wingsuits. You will need to arrange a rental prior to the course.

Click here to register for the JULY 18 course.

Click here to register for the SEPTEMBER 19 course.


Plans are also emerging for this year’s Sisters in Skydiving event. Joan Esson, Shannon Harth, and Amy Fillion will be available to organize ladies of all experience levels. The theme this year is masquerade so be sure to wear your most disguising mask and we’ll see you there! Registration coming soon…

The dropzone will be hosting a grill out dinner on Saturday, June 20, and we will conclude the evening with a special dedication ceremony. Rick Winkler and Team Fastrax will also be doing demonstration jumps in honor of the memorial weekend throughout the day.


5/10k Run/Walk
101st Airborne Living History Team Display
Team Fastrax Pyrotechnic Skydive
Fireworks Show
Bow Fishing
Laser Light Show
Mass Hot Air Balloon Glow
Dayton Dragons Game
Navy Fighter
WWII B-25 Bomber
Hot Air Balloons
Entertainment/Country Music Concert
Indoor Go Cart Racing
12/25/50 Bike Ride
Golf Outing
Shooting Clays
Three Gun Shoot

For more information on the Warrior Weekend to Remember, please visit


Prerequisites include: Must be 18 years old, hold a current USPA membership, hold a USPA coach or other instructor rating for a year or have 500 jumps and hold a USPA D-License, have logged and signed 6 hours of freefall, have completed necessary topics on the AFF proficiency card. For more information and to register, click here.


World class big-way and Team Elite organizer Guy Wright will be organizing experienced jumpers for an upper level 8-16 way invitational camp. Please contact for more information and to register.



 Free Fly

Brad Hunt and his Tracking Dive.GoPro“Leanne Lotz and Phil”Point Break“Leisa Allen Landing with Alex Hart” Skydive  Dayton

Alex and John Conroy in FreeFall.Skydive Columbus“Aircraft Loading Specialist”Skydive in Indiana

“Brian with his Student Nova Coffey”Skydive indySonal Shackelford Group in Loading Area.Skydive Ky“Shanelle Johnson Group”Skydive Ohio“Katie Abraham and Friend jumping for Joy”Skydive

“Brads Tracking Group”Skydiving CincinnatiRandy Napier and James A Sadler, Rachel N Kevin Wise, Dave Haww Moody and Megan Puckett. Skydiving IndyRick Boeing and Kyle. Skydiving Ohio

“Video Crew all Aboard” Skyjumping“Laura Cupp and Elijah Anglim after jump party” Start Skydiving “Brad Tracking Group on Aircraft”

  USANational Anthem Photo by Rick Winkler.

IMG_7420Sunset @ Start Skydiving Florida.   

Manifest/View Loads from Your Phone!

 You can now manifest from your smartphone! Simply download the BurbleMe app for your phone’s operating system (see links below) and start manifesting today!



When Cpl. Javier Alvarez, 2nd Squad leader, saw the look on his team leader’s face, he knew something bad was coming.
Pinned down and receiving first aid, Alvarez’s back was against the wall of the house, an insurgent nest. Seconds earlier, he had peered from behind a tank and seen a Marine from the lead squad lying face down in the sand in front of the house. So he had gathered his squad, took the point position and sprinted toward the danger to evacuate the casualties.
As he ran, Alvarez took three slugs into his legs.
“It felt like something hit me, and I looked down and I saw that I was bleeding,” Alvarez said.
He made it to the wall, but the teammate treating his wounds felt the impact of an enemy round. So Alvarez grabbed his rifle, rolled to one side and returned fire into the house.
Spent of rounds, he turned on his back and was putting in his third magazine of his M-16 when he heard, “Grenade, grenade, grenade!”
It was still rolling on the ground.
“I have two or three seconds to get rid of this,” he thought.
Alvarez grabbed it and spun himself around to lob it away.
“I don’t know if it went off in my hand or within a foot of it. It was pretty close,” he said.
“And then it just went off and everything was black for a couple seconds until my — I think I just went into a — because of the G-force of the grenade, it made me black out for a couple seconds and then I came back to. Everything started coming back and I started visualizing again.”
Alvarez struggles to tell his story. His speech is filled with pregnant pauses, disjointed phrases and unfinished thoughts.
It’s the cost of saving the lives of six Marines. It is his price for his Silver Star.
“I know my hand was burning,” he recalled. “Or, it felt like that. So I lifted up my arm to see what happened, and my hand was completely missing. There was just like ragged bone sticking out, with my sleeves from my uniform black and red from blood,” he said.
Alvarez knew this was coming. This was his third deployment in three years. He joined weeks after 9/11. He was among the first Marines into Iraq in 2003. He survived Fallujah without a scratch. When his wound comes, he thought, sitting around is not an option.
“I can’t just shut down and not function, that’s not going to help my squad out,” he told himself. “I had already thought about that pretty intensely.”
Alvarez’s story is yet another tale of heroism born on the morning of Nov. 16, 2005.
Marines of 2nd Platoon, Fox Company, were on their 12th day of Operation Steel Curtain, a dangerous mission to clear houses in Anbar province, when two dozen insurgents made a last stand.
By the time the explosion tore apart Alvarez’s hand, two Marines were dead. By the end of the day, 16 men were wounded, five of them mortally.
“It seems like it might be slow motion at some points, but then you find that it’s all happening in a heartbeat. It’s seconds,” Alvarez said.
More than three years later, Alvarez has a lifetime to live with his wounds. He wears a brave face.
“I’m missing my hand, and I got shot, and I got shrapnel and all that stuff. But there are guys that are missing two legs, and they are 95 percent burned. To me, that — I don’t know how they overcome it everyday. And that’s — that’s my motivation, to see them do it.”
He added, “I didn’t mourn over my losses or injuries. I had a mission to accomplish and I had other stuff that was going on. I had Marines I had to take care of.”
But he is being modest.


News from Team Fastrax:

Videos: San Jose Earthquakes 03 22 15

Videos: San Francisco Giants 04 18 15

Videos: Leroy Petry’s 1st Solo Freefall 07 13 2014



George Lutz'sGeorge Lutz’s Son George Jr. gave his life for our Freedoms.
George created the Honor and Remember Flag in his honor and all the families that gave a child for our Nation.
God Bless America. Gold StarHonor and Remember Flag Team FastraxDavid Hart and Dan Paganini with Rufus filling in for Hollis Collins prior to this evenings performance at the Dayton Heritage Festival. Thank you for sponsoring the performance demonstrations parachute jumpsRocky’s Run for Freedom
May 23rd, 2015 at 9am. Memorial Day weekend event honors Cpl. Paul “Rocky” Zanowick II and all other veterans who gave their lives for our country!


DemoGeared up and ready to board for today’s Xfinity race in Charlotte.

FastraxJust completed our jump in Charlotte in honor of TSgt Adam Ginett USAF EOD KIA January 19th, 2010. Here we are with Adams parents Jim and Christina.USAFLieutenant General (Ret) CD Moore on Armed Forces Day @ Start Skydiving  LZWhat a beautiful landing area for the team at Charlotte International Speedway.

Demo NASCARHollis Collins Jumping the 1,800 square foot flag today into the Geico 500 at Talladega. FASTRAXMembers of Team Fastrax perform at the Talladega Superspeedway for the Geico 500. — with Dan Paganini, Adam Ralston and Hollis Collins.

Team FastraxDan Paganini at the Crown Laboratories. Thank you Blue Blue Lizard 

 Exhibition jumpingJust jumped AT&T park. We delivered World Series rings, met Willy Mays and Tom Cruise. Good day to be Fastrax.  The Golden Knights Dan Paganini fly’s our 2000sf US Flag under the Bubba Burger canopy at Richmond International Speedway.

ARMY TEAMDana Bowman and Dan Paganini

Team FastraxTeam Fastrax at Training Camp.

2015 Weekend to RememberTeam Fastrax at 2015 Weekend to Remember.

1426724_953678351313626_3154341018769430409_nTeam Fastrax — at Talladega Superspeedway Alabama 10408024_946967561984705_5497177521963660255_nPaul Stanford at Marine Corp Marathon

2014102595172045Team Fastrax visit LCPL Taylor B. Prazynski at Arlington Cemetery.

SF 49ers 1Team Fastrax Professional Skydiving Team performs at halftime of the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles at Levi’s Stadium.

DCIM103GOPROTeam Fastrax at Federated Auto Parts 400 Richmond International Raceway — with Mark Russell, Matthew Pennington, Jennifer Olson, Dana Lee Bowman, Dan Paganini and Paul Stanford. DCIM103GOPRO“Selfie” ESPN’s Mobile Pit Studio and Team Fastrax — with Dan Paganini, Brad Daugherty, Rusty Wallace, Dana Lee Bowman, Nicole Briscoe, Paul Peckhan, Paul Stanford, Mark Russell and Matthew Pennington 

 10525769_920697811277922_596508703203412371_n“Team Fastrax”

10530777_900691033279922_8450407228520346183_nMedal of Honor recipient Master Sgt. Leroy A. Petry retirement ceremony at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

exhibition parachute jumps“Great Photo of Dan”

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News from Start Aviation Services: We pledge to attend to our customers’ needs in a professional and courteous manner. We also will treat our customers with the utmost respect and regard. Start Aviation Services provides quality service combined with competitive pricing for a valuable choice.

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Start Aviation Services.

Take time to smell the roses @ Start Aviation Services

A wide variety of aircraft visit our ramp.

The Team Jacob Foundation  For more information or to make a donation see the Links Below:

AWOS Link AWOS LINK: Gene Newsom

Start Skydiving & Team Fastrax Professional Skydiving Team
Middletown Regional | 1711 Run Way Drive | Middletown, Ohio 45042
877GOJUMP2 / 877.465.8672

Start Skydiving proudly serves the Skydive Cincinnati, Skydive Columbus, Skydive Dayton, Skydive Cleveland, Skydive Lexington, Skydive Louisville, Skydive Orlando, Skydive Florida and Skydive Indianapolis areas. Start Skydiving is where Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky go to skydive. If it is your first skydive or you are an experienced skydiver, come skydive with Start Skydiving Ohio. We teach more people to skydive than any other skydiving center in the Midwest. Find out why we are the #1 place to skydive in the world. 


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