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Start Skydiving 04 13 2015

News from Start Skydiving:


Last weeks Ohio Numbers

  • Slots: 770
  • Lifts: 59
  • Tandem’s: 106
  • AFF’s: 99
  • Fun jumps Slots: 376
  • Demos: 3

 Recent Accomplishments

Basic Canopy Course April 11 2015

  • Stephen Lamb
  • Jeff Horton
  • Dean Costin
  • Steven King
  • Chad Broughton

Advanced Canopy Course April 12 2015

  • Mat Greene
  • Nick Bray
  • Andy Kelly
  • Ray Vazquez
  • Chris Nurnberger

Upcoming Events at Start Skydiving


Jennie Walter 003OSU Students Jennifer Walter and Amanda KochJUMPFrank Pan with Kyle and John.OSU“OSU AFF CLASS 03-15”PARACHUTEDavid Mullin with Darren.

20150412_135337“Manifest”Skydive Cincinnati“???????”Skydive IndyRudder and AFF Student Elizabeth Auckley

Skydive OhioAdam and Matt with OSU Student Alex StankovicSkydiveOSU AFF Student Ashley Vance

skydiving in IndyOSU Student Phillip Chang skydiving in michiganEui Roh After 1st Jump

TEAM FASTRAXThese two little girls sang an awesome national anthem at the Dragons Game skydiving in OhioEmily MacDonald with Jennifer Kapalin indoor skydiving ohioAnnie Kayser Jumps with Alex and John.

TANDEM OHIO“Christopher Moody Group” TANDEM SKYDIVERondrell Mcbride with Darren. Universe“The Universe”AFF“Amanda Koch with Nick and  Jeff McGinnis”Daniel Magas 067“Daniel Magas and Alex Hart”



Alexa Edwards 027Alexa Edwards jumps with Lonnie.


Photo Bomb 2015 Weekend to Remember “Tony Ryan” USANational Anthem Photo by Rick Winkler.

IMG_7420Sunset @ Start Skydiving Florida.   

Manifest/View Loads from Your Phone!

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SALUTING OUR MILITARY: Staff Sgt. Jeffery M. Dawson

jeffery-dawson021715Staff Sgt. Jeffery M. Dawson

An American Soldier from the U.S. Army’s only airborne Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company was presented with the nation’s second highest award for valor at Fort Benning, GA on Feb. 17, 2015.

Staff Sgt. Jeffery M. Dawson earned the Distinguished Service Cross while deployed to Afghanistan with the 28th EOD Company (Airborne) in support of the U.S. Army’s elite 75th Ranger Regiment.
Dawson said the mission in Afghanistan on Oct. 5, 2013, was supposed to be routine.

“That mission started out the same as every mission. The IED (Improvised Explosive Device) threat was low and it was supposed to be a quick easy target,” said Dawson. “Upon infiltration everything changed in minutes.”

During the mission at a remote enemy compound, a fleeing insurgent donated an explosive, killing himself and the team’s multi-purpose canine Jani.

Dawson then realized that his team was surrounded by IEDs.

“Being the only EOD tech on the objective, it was up to me to clear medical personnel to the wounded and clear to all other personnel to get them to safety,” said Dawson.

Despite being wounded by two separate explosions, Dawson halted the mission, disarmed the improvised explosive devices and aided in the evacuation of dead and wounded Soldiers.

Navigating the chaotic situation in limited visibility for more than two hours, Dawson exposed himself to grave danger while locating three confirmed pressure plate IEDs and an additional six suspected devices, the award citation said.

“In any situation like that, you always revert back to training and stick with what you know,” said Dawson, a Coalville, Utah native who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dawson said he was inspired by the dedication of his fellow Soldiers who braved the explosive-ridden battlefield to recover their fallen and wounded teammates.

“I remember looking around at all the devastation and seeing American flags draped over casualties in an effort to help keep them warm,” said Dawson.

The staff sergeant said he was surprised to be put in for the medal, second only to the Medal of Honor.

“When I got back to camp, people were coming up to me and shaking my hand and hugging me telling me that they heard great things about me,” said Dawson. “I kept thinking to myself that I was just doing my job

The Fort Bragg, North Carolina-based 28th EOD Company (Airborne) is part of the 192nd EOD Battalion, 52nd EOD Group, 20th CBRNE Command (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives), the only Defense Department formation that combats global CBRNE threats.

According to 28th EOD Company Commander Capt. Taylor J. Duren, his Soldiers conduct rigorous training to stay ready to jump out of airplanes and defuse explosive devices. Duren said his Soldiers regularly serve with the 75th Ranger Regiment, the U.S. Army’s premier direct-action raid force.


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United States Parachute Association
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News from Team Fastrax:


Videos: San Jose Earthquakes 03 22 15


ARMY TEAMDana Bowman and Dan Paganini

Demo TeamFastrax At Dayton Dragons.

Team FastraxTeam Fastrax at Training Camp.

2015 Weekend to RememberTeam Fastrax at 2015 Weekend to Remember.

ParachuteTeam Fastrax at inaugural jump into Avaya Stadium.

DemoPaul Stanford jump large flag into FIA Formula E Miami ePRIX

1426724_953678351313626_3154341018769430409_nTeam Fastrax — at Talladega Superspeedway Alabama 10408024_946967561984705_5497177521963660255_nPaul Stanford at Marine Corp Marathon

2014102595172045Team Fastrax visit LCPL Taylor B. Prazynski at Arlington Cemetery.

IMG_9009“Team Fastrax @ NASCAR Talladega”

SF 49ers 1Team Fastrax Professional Skydiving Team performs at halftime of the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles at Levi’s Stadium.

10961_10153131114775968_5597709605246357627_nTeam Fastrax at the opening football game for the University of Cincinnati. Go bearcats. Paul Brown Stadium.

DCIM103GOPROTeam Fastrax at Federated Auto Parts 400 Richmond International Raceway — with Mark Russell, Matthew Pennington, Jennifer Olson, Dana Lee Bowman, Dan Paganini and Paul Stanford. DCIM103GOPRO“Selfie” ESPN’s Mobile Pit Studio and Team Fastrax — with Dan Paganini, Brad Daugherty, Rusty Wallace, Dana Lee Bowman, Nicole Briscoe, Paul Peckhan, Paul Stanford, Mark Russell and Matthew Pennington DCIM103GOPRONASCAR Federated Auto Parts 400 Richmond International Raceway — with Dana Lee Bowman, Dan Paganini and Paul Stanford.

 10525769_920697811277922_596508703203412371_n“Team Fastrax”

10530777_900691033279922_8450407228520346183_nMedal of Honor recipient Master Sgt. Leroy A. Petry retirement ceremony at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

exhibition parachute jumps“Great Photo of Dan”

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News from Start Aviation Services:

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Start Skydiving proudly serves the Skydive Cincinnati, Skydive Columbus, Skydive Dayton, Skydive Cleveland, Skydive Lexington, Skydive Louisville, Skydive Orlando, Skydive Florida and Skydive Indianapolis areas. Start Skydiving is where Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky go to skydive. If it is your first skydive or you are an experienced skydiver, come skydive with Start Skydiving Ohio. We teach more people to skydive than any other skydiving center in the Midwest. Find out why we are the #1 place to skydive in the world. 


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