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Start Skydiving 08 11 2014

News from Start Skydiving:


Last weeks Ohio Numbers

  • Slots: 1315
  • Lifts: 93
  • Tandem’s: 341
  • AFF’s: 29
  • Fun jumps Slots401
  • Demos: 7

 Recent Accomplishments

Skydive OhioD – License! Congratulations, Phillip Volk SkydiveCongratulations to our new PRO License holder, Kyle Sward Skydive indyB – License! Congratulations, Aaron Jackson20140803_122828“Whats is This” A – License! Congratulations, Lisa Iwasaki  — at Start Skydiving.18000 SkydiveCongratulations, Mico 18,000 Skydives.2170David Covel placed 5th out of 52 wingsuiters in the Red Bull Wingsuit Races in Oakdale, California.
Congratulations, David!
IMG_20140712_182441342“Congratulations, Tyler’s Morrow A License”  

Upcoming Events at Start Skydiving

skydiving in ohio


  • 2014 SARAH’S WORK STINKS! BOOGIE: AUG. 27 – SEP. 1 Register here for the Best Boogie in the Midwest! If you register before June 30th a lift ticket will be included in your registration package.

  Megan Harris Jump“Megan Harris and Lonnie” Rebecca Westerheide Skydive“Rebecca Westerheide with Lonnie”Tandem Ohio“Mike”Ashley Oesch at Start Skydiving“Ashley Oesch at Start Skydiving with Lonnie” Danielle McNamee Tandem Skydive“Danielle McNamee on a Tandem Skydive with Brian” Calvin Pilot 098“Calvin”Stephanie Depalma 005“In the Zone”Zachary Gronefeld 045Alex Hart and Zachary Gronefeld 1941490_860315870646032_6977579600618101980_oRaja Bheem. Photo by Mico — with Kyle Whittier at Start Skydiving. 1978860_860315643979388_1232901215208880751_nKrystal Graf. Photo by Paola — with Lonnie Kirk at Start Skydiving.AFF Skydive“ZZ Top skydives”GatorHannah returns her Father’s ashes, who was an avid skydive. Photo by Melanie. Sarah1Sarah’s Father, Larry, takes to the sky. Photo by Emily MacDonald.   USANational Anthem Photo by Rick Winkler.

IMG_7420Sunset @ Start Skydiving Florida.   

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SALUTING OUR MILITARY: Army Ranger Joe Kapacziewski


 Army Ranger Joe Kapacziewski had volunteered to “take care” of the Taliban snipers who had ambushed his platoon in the pitch darkness on a Hindu Kush mountain ridge in Afghanistan in 2009.

But as he raced down the mountainside, aiming to cut the enemy off at the pass below, he was caught in an avalanche of loose shale and tumbled down.

To stop his fall and save himself, he grabbed a tree — and came face-to-face with one of the Taliban snipers who had been hiding behind it.

With his free hand, the staff sergeant aimed his M4 rifle and shot the sniper dead. “Kap,” as he was fondly nicknamed, then dashed back up the steep slope to his men under fire. It was a Herculean feat even the fittest soldier would have been hard-pressed to pull off. For Kapacziewski, it was something miraculous.

The 30-year-old Dunham, Conn., native is the only amputee in Army Rangers history ever to return to combat. He has served in five tours while wearing a prosthesis that replaced his right leg below the knee.

In his gripping new memoir, “Back in the Fight” (St. Martin’s Press), he describes hunting Taliban targets, leading a squad and even saving a wounded soldier — all without a leg.

All told, Kapacziewski has served 10 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and has received three purple hearts, an Army Commendation Medal with a V for valor and a bronze star.

Kap was wounded in Iraq in 2005 after a grenade was tossed into his Stryker vehicle. It ripped apart his arm, which eventually healed — though his leg did not. He resisted losing the limb, despite the excruciating pain. Two years later, he finally made the decision to allow doctors to amputate.

“When I first got hurt it was my goal all along to go back to the squad to lead the Rangers in combat,” he told The Post.

But when his leg wouldn’t heal, a superior told him he couldn’t stay in Alpha Company anymore, that he was out of the fight.

“This was the most devastating day of my life,” he recalls. “I felt the ground fall out from underneath my feet.”

Signing up straight out of high school, he says, the Rangers were “all I had ever known.

“Just because I am missing a leg I do not see this as an excuse not to serve my country.

“As corny as it sounds, I had signed on the dotted line before 9/11 and it was all I had ever known and wanted to do.”

There were darker days when he could only confide to his wife, Kimberly, that he too had doubts.

The long road to be reinstated as a combat-ready Ranger — with the help of a high-tech shock-absorbing Pathfinder II prosthetic leg — was the hardest fight he had ever waged.

“No Ranger in my condition had ever qualified to return to direct combat operations,” he says.

He had to prove to Army brass that he was up to the task of jumping out of planes, fast roping from helicopters, running five miles in under 40 minutes, marching 12 miles with a 45-pound pack in under three hours and all in the 80th percentile or higher.

“Even within a Ranger Regiment, seeing me as an amputee, the question was whether I am capable of doing the job,” Kap says. “There was a little apprehension. I felt, ‘I am under the gun to prove myself.’ I had to show that I could kick in doors.”

Within 10 months of his amputation he completed the full Army physical test. Even after exceeding the standards, Kap could sense some resistance at his return to fighting.

“It wasn’t until the chain of command switched out that I was allowed to go back into combat,” he says.

He then faced life-threatening attacks all over again. When an enemy grenade went off on a 2010 mission in eastern Afghanistan, Kap took shrapnel in his left leg — but his carbon-fiber limb withstood the blast. That earned him his third purple heart.

“It worked out really well for me,” says Kapacziewski, who will be on his 11th rotation next year and has since run two New York City Marathons and three triathlons.

The father of two boys, Kap currently works at Fort Benning, Ga., where he is part of a Ranger training and assessment program.

One Ranger was so impressed after a grueling training run he asked how Kap got a leg like that. “Made in Iraq,” the platoon sqaud leader quipped.

Kapacziewski recalls that night, four years ago, when he and his troops came under Taliban fire. As he was quick marching back up to the ridge, his prosthetic leg came loose from his stump and plummeted down the rock face. This was one time Kap hadn’t brought along a spare. He had no other choice but to slide down and retrieve it.

“I just put it back on and was back in the fight,” he says.



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News from Start Skydiving Florida:

Wounded Warrior Event 15 March 2014

  • We have 35 Wounded Warrior jumpers all Wounded Warrior March 15 2014 at Start Skydiving Florida.

March 15, a large group of Wounded Warriors will be leap from airplanes over Start Skydiving Florida as a part of the Florida Wounded Warrior Weekend. This event is hosted by Start Skydiving Florida and Team Fastrax Professional Skydiving Team as part of their long-term ‘Giving Back’ campaign that provides this exciting experience to Wounded Warrior across the United States.

IMG_4142High Altitude Skydive Salute for 35 Florida Wounded Warriors. Photo By Melanie Johnson.       Justin Gaertner (3)Wounded Warrior Justin Gaertner with Brian North, Photo By Melanie Johnson.

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News from Team Fastrax:

UK Daily News publishs Team Fastrax Pyro


06 15 2014 NASCAR Quicken Loans 400 Team Fastrax Video”

06 14 2014 Dayton Dragons Team Fastrax Video”

06 07 2014 Dublin Special Olympics Team Fastrax Video”

07 03 2014 Red White and Boom 2014 Team Fastrax Video”

07 04 2014 4th July Party 2014 Team Fastrax Video”


Demo TeamTeam Fastrax 1st event at Levi’s® Stadium

10531226_10152213456802135_6048262936891771920_oTeam Fastrax @ Camping World RV Sales 301 New Hampshire Motor Speedway 10525769_920697811277922_596508703203412371_n“Team Fastrax”

2014062895183543“Rudder hanging out after his Demo”10530777_900691033279922_8450407228520346183_nMedal of Honor recipient Master Sgt. Leroy A. Petry retirement ceremony at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

10497459_10152213451127135_7492788749708050384_oCamping World RV Sales 301 New Hampshire Motor Speedway

 DSC_0837“Sheboygan Acuity Demo”

Acuity 10401383_906275612720142_3297359315253405088_nSan Jose EarthquakesRichmond International Raceway“Team and US Marines at Richmond International Raceway” Richmond International Raceway3“RG3 and Team Fastrax”  Team FastraxDan Paganini navigating his way down as the Easter Bunny.  Team“Team Fastrax and Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Girls”

exhibition parachute jumps“Great Photo of Dan”

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06 14 2012 Start Skydiving “Flag Day” Hook Field Team Fastrax Video By “Brett Dennis”

06 14 2012 American Legion “Flag Day” New Carlisle Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

06 30 2012 Kentucky Speedway Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

07 28 2012 Nuxhall Miracle League Team Fastrax Video By “Dan”

08 24 2012 Simon Kenton High School (ARMY) Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

09 01 2012 Mead Cusa Cup West Carrollton  Team Fastrax Video By “Rudder”

09 01 2012 Mead Cusa Cup OAK GROVE PARK Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

08 31 2012 Fairfield High School Game Team Fastrax Video By “Dan and Rudder”

09 01 2012 IU vs. Indiana State Team Fastrax Video By “Dan”

09 02 2012 WEBN Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 06 2012 University of Cincinnati Football vs. Pittsburgh Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 09 2012 Darby Dan Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 15 2012 Air Force Marathon Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 15 2012 Safety Fair Team Fastrax Video By “Dan P”

09 15 2012 University of Cincinnati Football  Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

10 06 2012 University of Cincinnati Football  Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

10 12 2012  Logan Hocking  Team Fastrax Video By “Dan”

06 23 2013  Dayton Airshow  Team Fastrax Video”

06 26 2013  KY Speedway NASCAR  Team Fastrax Video”

08 24 2013 Heros Ride Team Fastrax Video”

08 24 2013 Spc Jesse A. Snow Memorial Skydive @ Dayton National Cemetery Team Fastrax Video”

08 17 2013 Thunder United FC Team Fastrax Video”

08 30 2013 Kettering Fairmont High School Football Team Fastrax Video”

08 31 2013 University of Cincinnati Football Team Fastrax Video”

09 11 2013 Quaker Steak & Lube on 9/11/2013 Team Fastrax Video”

09 13 2013 Lakota East HS Football game Team Fastrax Video”

09 14 2013 478th Army Engineering Battalion Team Fastrax Video”

News from Start Aviation Services:

We pledge to attend to our customers’ needs in a professional and courteous manner. We also will treat our customers with the utmost respect and regard. Start Aviation Services provides quality service combined with competitive pricing for a valuable choice.

Don’t forget to show support for us by Liking us on Facebook and leaving 5-star reviews on our Google Places page: Start Aviation Services Every little bit helps get our name out there!

Start Aviation Services.

Take time to smell the roses @ Start Aviation Services

A wide variety of aircraft visit our ramp.

The Team Jacob Foundation 

For more information or to make a donation see the Links Below:


Gene Newsom

Start Skydiving & Team Fastrax Professional Skydiving Team
Middletown Regional | 1711 Run Way Drive | Middletown, Ohio 45042
877GOJUMP2 / 877.465.8672
Click Here For New 9 /11 Memorial Jump 2011
Click Here For Team Fastrax Skydiving Video
Click Here For Team Fastrax documentary
Click Here For 9/11th Memorial Jump in New York

Start Skydiving proudly serves the Skydive Cincinnati, Skydive Columbus, Skydive Dayton, Skydive Cleveland, Skydive Lexington, Skydive Louisville, Skydive Orlando, Skydive Florida and Skydive Indianapolis areas. Start Skydiving is where Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky go to skydive. If it is your first skydive or you are an experienced skydiver, come skydive with Start Skydiving Ohio. We teach more people to skydive than any other skydiving center in the Midwest. Find out why we are the #1 place to skydive in the world. 


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