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Start Skydiving 09 02 2013

News from Start Skydiving:

 Ohio Numbers  26 August – 01 September  2013:

        Slots:    2662
        Loads:  163
        Tandem:  279
        AFF:  2
        Fun Jumpers Slots: 1996


FoodI know it’s a bold statement to call anything the “World’s Best” …But i’m telling you the Grilled Chicken From Brian Jure was “The Best”. Thanks again from Start Skydiving.

SkydivingA-license! Congratulations, Lane Paquin at Start Skydiving. Jump in OhioB-license! Congratulations, Randy Baranosky

FastraxB-license! Congratulations, Julia Nish Wignall Jump in IndyC-license! Congratulations, Miles Blocker

Tandem JumpC-license! Congratulations, Sarah.

20130825_144142A-license! Congratulations, Cassidy O’Hair

200 Jump200th jump! Congratulations Sarah Winkler With Aubrey Caldwell, Jennifer Olson, Shannon Sweeney Harth, Erin Flanagan and Rick Winkler, Photo by Dave Funpoleez Rhea.


Vector/Sigma Tandem Certification Course

To help your pursuit of becoming a full time skydiver, Start Skydiving offers the Vector/Sigma Tandem Certification Course, this course is for those of you who wish to become tandem Instructors. Course start’s Friday Sept 6th at 5:00PM. Contact Gene at if you are interested.

Each candidate is required to arrive at this course with all prerequisites completed, as specified on the Tandem Instructor Proficiency Card, This classroom, training, and evaluation for this course

Practical:  Candidates for the USPA Tandem Instructor rating will be evaluated during the course for their ability to jump equipment and safely prepare and handle tandem students during actual tandem jumps with simulated students

Initial tandem evaluation phase.
The candidate will make five tandem jumps using tandem equipment under the supervision of the USPA Tandem Rating Course Director Practice tandem phase: The candidate will make a minimum of five more tandem jumps acting as the instructor with qualified experienced jumpers acting as students.

Non-Method-specific training evaluations.
Candidates will successfully train, observe, and critique at least one Category D to be preformed by the course director during the course (waived for instructors who hold a USPA Instructor rating in another discipline).

Written exam.
Prior to attending the course, each candidate must correctly answer 80% of the questions on an open-book examination covering
This syllabus
The complete ISP syllabus
The USPA Basic Safety Requirements
SIM section 5

“Work Stinks Boogie”

1048918_620989697911985_2071223778_oWork Stinks“Paul, Julia, Matt and Randy”

Work Stinks boogieLane V Paquin, Tyler Roemer, Tom Baker, Melanie Johnson, Brad Hunt, Chris Frayer and Jennifer Frayer at Work Stinks Boogie , photo by Dave Funpoleez Rhea.

Tandem SkydiveSteve working hard on lunch.”

Skydive ColumbusZeke and his little pet with Phillip Volk.
Parachute jumpingLane Paquin at Start Skydiving, photo by Dave Funpoleez Rhea.

Skydive Indiana“Bandido” photo by Dave Funpoleez Rhea. Skydive in Ohio“Team Fastrax” photo by Dave Funpoleez Rhea.Skydive in IndianaRudder and John hart, photo by Dave Funpoleez Rhea. Skydive IndianapolisTyfani Detky hanging around, photo by Dave Funpoleez Rhea.

Start SkydivingJennifer Frayer, Lane V Paquin, Melanie Johnson, Brad Hunt, Tom Baker, Tyler Roemer and Chris Frayer at Work Stinks Boogie, photo by Dave Funpoleez Rhea.

WowYup. Count em out….15 person pyramid at Start Skydiving.

SkydiveBalloon Fest Photo by Lonnie Kirk at Start Skydiving.

skydiversJump to raise money for TEAM JACOB! the back of the shirts say… “Sometimes a superhero’s cape is a parachute” Photo by Melanie Johnson

20130821_185556Great cloud formation over Start Skydiving.20130830_170508The Flight line crew “The Wolf Pack”

You guys may not know this, but I consider myself…a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one man wolf pack. But when my sister brought Jessie home, I knew he was one of my own. And my wolf pack, it grew by one. So were two…so there was two of us in the pack. I…I was alone first in the pack, and then Jessie in later.

And 6 months ago, when Jessie introduced me to Crystal. I thought…wait a second, could it be. And now I know for sure, I just added 1 more guys to my wolf pack. 3 of us wolves running around the desert together, in Las Vegas looking for strippers and Aircraft. So tonight, we make a toast!

Wright state fall Fest“Derick at the Wright state fall Fest”

Land-of-Illusion-Logo2012-09-29 22.57.54The Land of Illusion Haunted Theme Park Pyrotechnics jump Saturday Night 10:00PM

Full Scale Assault - Celebrity BowfishingTony Ryan and Caden Gebhard all Ready for 1st AFF. 

Start SkydivingSgt. First Class (Ret.) Dana Bowman exits the plane. Check out his story at Photo by Melanie Johnson at Start Skydiving.



SALUTING OUR MILITARY:  Weapons Sergeant Robert J. Miller

Robert Miller

Robert J. Miller distinguished himself by extraordinary acts of heroism while serving as the Weapons Sergeant in Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha 3312, Special Operations Task Force-33, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan during combat operations against an armed enemy in Konar Province, Afghanistan on January 25, 2008. While conducting a combat reconnaissance patrol through the Gowardesh Valley, Staff Sergeant Miller and his small element of U.S. and Afghan National Army soldiers engaged a force of 15 to 20 insurgents occupying prepared fighting positions. Staff Sergeant Miller initiated the assault by engaging the enemy positions with his vehicle’s turret-mounted Mark-19 40 millimeter automatic grenade launcher while simultaneously providing detailed descriptions of the enemy positions to his command, enabling effective, accurate close air support. Following the engagement, Staff Sergeant Miller led a small squad forward to conduct a battle damage assessment. As the group neared the small, steep, narrow valley that the enemy had inhabited, a large, well-coordinated insurgent force initiated a near ambush, assaulting from elevated positions with ample cover. Exposed and with little available cover, the patrol was totally vulnerable to enemy rocket propelled grenades and automatic weapon fire. As point man, Staff Sergeant Miller was at the front of the patrol, cut off from supporting elements, and less than 20 meters from enemy forces. Nonetheless, with total disregard for his own safety, he called for his men to quickly move back to covered positions as he charged the enemy over exposed ground and under overwhelming enemy fire in order to provide protective fire for his team. While maneuvering to engage the enemy, Staff Sergeant Miller was shot in his upper torso. Ignoring the wound, he continued to push the fight, moving to draw fire from over one hundred enemy fighters upon himself. He then again charged forward through an open area in order to allow his teammates to safely reach cover. After killing at least 10 insurgents, wounding dozens more, and repeatedly exposing himself to withering enemy fire while moving from position to position, Staff Sergeant Miller was mortally wounded by enemy fire. His extraordinary valor ultimately saved the lives of seven members of his own team and 15 Afghanistan National Army soldiers. Staff Sergeant Miller’s heroism and selflessness above and beyond the call of duty, and at the cost of his own life, are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Army.


Here are a few good links:

Start Skydiving YouTube
Start Skydiving Live Load List
United States Parachute Association
Start Skydiving Newsletter sign-up

News from Start Skydiving Florida:


DCIM100GOPROAdelle Molnar jumps with Clint Leighton at Start Skydiving Florida. 

DCIM100GOPROSteven Hart a Start Skydiving Florida.

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News from Team Fastrax:

Michael SchlitzMichael Schlitz, Dan, Matt and Jim West at the CARSTAR Golf Outing.Demo jumpDan lands at the 50 yard line at the new Campbell County High School Football Field.

08 30 2013 Kettering Fairmont High School08 30 2013 Kettering Fairmont High School Babs, Derick, Dave, Bud, Matt and Zeke.

06 14 2013 Independence HallIMG_78001000 Ft Above LZ Photo by John Hart..

Dedicated in Honor of Army Specialist Jesse SnowU.S. ArmyDavid Hart’s tandem Mark Hodges…Purple Heart, shot in the neck….flew proximity with 3 flags and loved it.

Demo JumpDavid, Rudder, Bud, Robin, Babs, Josh, Rob, Heater and Gem.  US ArmyTeam Fastrax at All Ohio Balloon FestivalTeam Fastrax“Bud and Dragon’s Fan”

parachute teamI want to thank Skydiver’s Dan (Treeman) Aukstikalnis and Scott Gila Stilwell for being kind enough to pose with our girls! (We were on a field trip to Philly from Babylon, NY (Long Island) I was able to take a couple of pictures of you guys coming down. (photo by Flo Siemsen) Delta ForceThis was a wonderful surprise for our kids who were on a field trip here in Philly, to see this great view in the sky! I’m glad I had my camera ready!” (photo by Flo Siemsen) exhibition parachute jumps

“Great Photo of Dan”Green BeretSuccessful test jump: Downplane with flag John Hart and Rudder.

IMG_9034“Group Photo with Leroy Petry, Team Fastrax, Dana, Darrin  and USMC Honor Guard”

 Demo JumpAnother day at the office with Babs Waguespack, Gary Holden, Derick Creech and Josh Guerra at Bath Co. Wheels & Wing car and air show.

VIDEO’S Wounded Warrior Event at Texas Motor Speedway:

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06 14 2012 Start Skydiving “Flag Day” Hook Field Team Fastrax Video By “Brett Dennis”

06 14 2012 American Legion “Flag Day” New Carlisle Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

06 30 2012 Kentucky Speedway Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

07 28 2012 Nuxhall Miracle League Team Fastrax Video By “Dan”

08 24 2012 Simon Kenton High School (ARMY) Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

09 01 2012 Mead Cusa Cup West Carrollton  Team Fastrax Video By “Rudder”

09 01 2012 Mead Cusa Cup OAK GROVE PARK Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

08 31 2012 Fairfield High School Game Team Fastrax Video By “Dan and Rudder”

09 01 2012 IU vs. Indiana State Team Fastrax Video By “Dan”

09 02 2012 WEBN Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 06 2012 University of Cincinnati Football vs. Pittsburgh Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 09 2012 Darby Dan Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 15 2012 Air Force Marathon Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 15 2012 Safety Fair Team Fastrax Video By “Dan P”

09 15 2012 University of Cincinnati Football  Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

10 06 2012 University of Cincinnati Football  Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

10 12 2012  Logan Hocking  Team Fastrax Video By “Dan”

06 23 2013  Dayton Airshow  Team Fastrax Video”

06 26 2013  KY Speedway NASCAR  Team Fastrax Video”

08 24 2013 Spc Jesse A. Snow Memorial Skydive @ Dayton National Cemetery Team Fastrax Video”

08 17 2013 Thunder United FC Team Fastrax Video”

08 30 2013 Kettering Fairmont High School Football Team Fastrax Video”

News from Start Aviation Services:

We pledge to attend to our customers’ needs in a professional and courteous manner. We also will treat our customers with the utmost respect and regard. Start Aviation Services provides quality service combined with competitive pricing for a valuable choice.

Don’t forget to show support for us by Liking us on Facebook and leaving 5-star reviews on our Google Places page: Start Aviation Services Every little bit helps get our name out there!

Start Aviation Services.

Take time to smell the roses @ Start Aviation Services

A wide variety of aircraft visit our ramp.

The Team Jacob Foundation 

For more information or to make a donation see the Links Below:


Gene Newsom

Start Skydiving & Team Fastrax Professional Skydiving Team
Middletown Regional | 1711 Run Way Drive | Middletown, Ohio 45042
877GOJUMP2 / 877.465.8672
Click Here For New 9 /11 Memorial Jump 2011
Click Here For Team Fastrax Skydiving Video
Click Here For Team Fastrax documentary
Click Here For 9/11th Memorial Jump in New York

Start Skydiving proudly serves the Skydive Cincinnati, Skydive Columbus, Skydive Dayton, Skydive Cleveland, Skydive Lexington, Skydive Louisville, Skydive Orlando, Skydive Florida and Skydive Indianapolis areas. Start Skydiving is where Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky go to skydive. If it is your first skydive or you are an experienced skydiver, come skydive with Start Skydiving Ohio. We teach more people to skydive than any other skydiving center in the Midwest. Find out why we are the #1 place to skydive in the world. 


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