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Start Skydiving 10 29 2012

News from Start Skydiving:

Winner Chute-Shoot-Shot

 Congratulations” Vector/Sigma Tandem Certification Course

  • Brock Lowell
  • Derick Creech

Ditch, Derick and Brock

8th Annual LCPL Taylor B. Prazynski Memorial 5K Run, Walk and Roll

  • Benefit: Proceeds to Benefit The LCPL Taylor B. Prazynski Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Donations for Care Packages will be collected for our Troops. (See list provided)
  • Course: The course is an accurately measured 5K with splits at each mile. Start takes place at Waterworks Park. It then loops around the park on the flat, well-maintained bike path, ending back at Groh Lane.

Ohio Numbers 22 – 28 October 2012:

  • Slots: 166
  • Loads: 15
  • Tandem: 45
  • AFF: 5
  • Fun Jumpers Slots: 68

Chute-Shoot-Shot Competition

Chute-Shoot-Shot Competition Pre Jump“SARAH & SARAH”“Chipotle BOORITO”“Didn’t Pull High”Paul @ Chute-Shoot-Shot“Beer Pong”“BOO!”Aubrey“The Fonz”“Halloween Surprise”“A gun rack? A gun rack. I don’t even own a gun , let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack.”

Paul and Sherri Teenwolf and Jodi“Debbie”

“I’m sorry that good-looking people like us made you throw up and feel bad about yourself.”

“Happy Birthday”

“Cujo killer dog”

SALUTING OUR MILITARY: Staff Sgt. Matthew Gassman

SSG Matthew Gassman

The mission seemed simple enough, comparatively at least: A team of Army Green Berets planned to drive into a part of Afghanistan they knew well, in the northern province of Kapisa. Along with a few dozen others, including French engineers, Romanian special forces and Afghan fighters loyal to the government, they would assess a site where they hoped to build a new outpost for the Afghan troops.They knew they’d probably be shot at, but they were confident they could handle it. After all, it happened every time they went there, and that was why building the checkpoint was so important: Establishing a steady presence was the first step toward wresting control from the Taliban. It was Dec. 17, 2010. Among the Green Berets – all of them members of the 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group – was a sergeant first class from Virginia Beach, McKenna “Frank” Miller. Then 32, he’d joined the Army 13 years earlier, soon after graduating from Frank W. Cox High School, and quickly determined that special operations was the future he wanted. “I saw the way they had so much more latitude to deal directly with local people,” he said in a recent phone interview. “You can truly make a difference.” Speaking about the locals where the team planned to build the Kapisa outpost, Miller said, “They really wanted that checkpoint. They asked for it.” Predictably, the team started taking small-arms fire as soon as it arrived. Another of the Green Berets, Capt. David Fox, led a half-dozen members to the assessment site while Miller and the others provided security. The shooting, from an estimated 10 enemy fighters, “wasn’t a big deal,” Miller said. “We could control the situation.” Soon, though, rocket-propelled grenades began to fly, and the small-arms fire intensified. Miller radioed to Fox that they’d better hurry up. “I was sensing things were deteriorating,” Fox later told an Army journalist, so he moved his group to the top of a steep mountain to help return fire. That’s when an improvised bomb exploded, killing one of the French engineers and leaving one of the Afghans, a local commander, badly wounded. Fox and the others who were with him were knocked unconscious. Far below, Miller heard the blast and saw the smoke, but it wasn’t until Fox awoke and spoke into his radio that his teammates understood the severity of what had happened. Miller could make out only two words of the broken transmission, but they were enough: “Urgent… surgical.” He and another American, Staff Sgt. Matthew Gassman, started up the side of the mountain. It was a near-vertical ascent, done “continuously under enemy fire,” according to the Army’s official narrative. After they found their teammates, Miller briefly tried to treat the engineer. Upon realizing he’d been killed, he did what he says was the only thing he could. He lifted the roughly 200-pound man over his shoulder and, despite his exhaustion, carried him down the mountain, stumbling and falling several times along the way. Gassman helped the wounded Afghan commander while Fox provided cover. By then, the number of enemy fighters had grown to about 70. When the soldiers reached the bottom of the mountain, Miller collapsed while trying to dodge the enemy rounds, which were hitting the slain man on his back, the Army’s narrative says. Despite two strained hamstrings, he picked the man up again and continued forward. Describing the pain of ripped hamstrings, Miller said, “It took the breath away from me.” The men took cover behind a large tree until helicopters arrived to evacuate them. Apart from the French engineer, everyone survived the roughly three-hour ordeal, and during a ceremony in Germany last month, Miller, Fox and Gassman were each presented with the Silver Star, the Army’s third-highest award for combat gallantry. Now on his way home to the United States, where he will report to Fort Bragg, N.C., to work as an instructor, Miller said he’s disappointed that others who were there that day were not also recognized, and he questions whether he truly deserves the medal. He said the entire team risked their lives, and he and Fox and Gassman scaled the mountain under such fire only because they knew everyone below was working together to protect them, including the Afghans. Miller said that comradeship under fire, more than anything, is what he sees as the greatest achievement of the day, and he would trade the Silver Star without hesitation to be back among his Afghan friends. “We were brothers,” he said. As for the wounded Afghan commander, he lost a leg but returned to his position with the help of a prosthesis. As far as Miller knows, he continues to fight the Taliban today. And as for the checkpoint, it was built. “We went back a week or two later,” Miller said. “It was a huge step for the whole region.

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News from Start Skydiving Florida:

Kenzie with Thomas

Anjum Ahmed and Lonnie Kirk at Start Skydiving Florida.

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News from Team Fastrax:

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“Dan and Rudder”


This weeks Demos

11 02 2012 Franklin High School

  • Dan Paganini American Flag
  • David Hart Streamer / Gameball
  • Gary Ground Crew

11 03 2012 University of Cincinnati Football vs. Syracuse

  • Dan Paganini American Flag
  • Paul Stanford UC Flag
  • Bud Start Flag
  • David Hart Streamer
  • Gary Ground Crew


06 14 2012 Start Skydiving “Flag Day” Hook Field Team Fastrax Video By “Brett Dennis”

06 14 2012 American Legion “Flag Day” New Carlisle Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

06 30 2012 Kentucky Speedway Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

07 28 2012 Nuxhall Miracle League Team Fastrax Video By “Dan”

08 24 2012 Simon Kenton High School (ARMY) Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

09 01 2012 Mead Cusa Cup West Carrollton  Team Fastrax Video By “Rudder”

09 01 2012 Mead Cusa Cup OAK GROVE PARK Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

08 31 2012 Fairfield High School Game Team Fastrax Video By “Dan and Rudder”

09 01 2012 IU vs. Indiana State Team Fastrax Video By “Dan”

09 02 2012 WEBN Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 06 2012 University of Cincinnati Football vs. Pittsburgh Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 09 2012 Darby Dan Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 15 2012 Air Force Marathon Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 15 2012 Safety Fair Team Fastrax Video By “Dan P”

09 15 2012 University of Cincinnati Football  Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

10 06 2012 University of Cincinnati Football  Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

10 12 2012  Logan Hocking  Team Fastrax Video By “Dan”

  • 11 02 2012 Franklin High School (New)
  • 11 03 2012 University of Cincinnati Football vs. Syracuse 12:00 PM (UPDATE)(NO PYRO)
  • 11 14 2012 Veterans Day Walter Reed Army Medical Center (New)
  • 11 17 2012 University of Cincinnati Football vs. Rutgers
  • 11 23 2012 University of Cincinnati Football vs. USF (PYRO JUMP)
  • 07 04 2013 I Love America Bakersfield CA
  • 08 03 2013 Bath County Wings and Wheels

Team Fastrax.

News from Start Aviation Services:

We pledge to attend to our customers’ needs in a professional and courteous manner. We also will treat our customers with the utmost respect and regard. Start Aviation Services provides quality service combined with competitive pricing for a valuable choice.

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Start Aviation Services.

Take time to smell the roses @ Start Aviation Services

A wide variety of aircraft visit our ramp.A wide variety of aircraft visit our ramp.A wide variety of aircraft visit our ramp.

The Team Jacob Foundation 

For more information or to make a donation see the Links Below:


Gene Newsom

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