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Start Skydiving 10 08 2012

News from Start Skydiving:

LAST Course for 2012  Vector/Sigma Tandem Certification Course 06:00pm

To help your pursuit of becoming a full time skydiver, Start Skydiving offers the Vector/Sigma Tandem Certification Course, this course is for those of you who wish to become tandem Instructors. Course start’s Friday 19 October 06:00pm. Contact Gene at if you are interested.

Each candidate is required to arrive at this course with all prerequisites completed, as specified on the Tandem Instructor Proficiency Card, This classroom, training, and evaluation for this course

LAST Course for 2012 Canopy Skills Course  14 October 2012:

Come out and improve your canopy skills with Team Fastrax Swoop member, Ray Dutch. As we covered at Safety Day, there is no cap on improving your canopy skills; so let’s start this season off with getting reacquainted with our canopies. This a complete canopy course consisting of the five jumps required to obtain a USPA B-License. However, it is extremely beneficial to anyone who has not yet participated in such a courses.

Here is the link for the Sunday registration:

Congratulations Adrienne, Andrew Kelly, David Covel and 101st Jumper Brock Lowell New USPA Coach

“Adrienne Meder, Andrew Kelly, David Covel, Brock Lowell,Ditch and Jeremy Sloan After Coach Course @ Start Skydiving”

B-license! Congratulations, Mat Greene! with Emilee Langenkamp and Kyle Eaton at Start Skydiving.

A-license! Congratulations, Matthew Patrick — at Start Skydiving.

7000 jumps! Congratulations Dan Paganini

Congratulations Steve Shorten and Adam Ralston “NEW Tandem INSTRUCTORS”

“Adrienne, Adam Ralston, Steve Shorten and Ditch After Tandem Course @ Start Skydiving”

Derick Creech and Amy Fillion earned there Coach Rating!  Congratulations, Derick and Amy!

Start Skydiving New Coach’s Amy and Derick with Ditch.

A-license! Congratulations, Claire Izon

Congratulations Paul 1000 Jumps!

Ohio Numbers 01 – 07 October 2012:

  • Slots: 721
  • Loads: 65
  • Tandem: 201
  • AFF: 21
  • Fun Jumpers Slots: 204

Team Fastrax are the bomb!! Thanks guys for all you have done to make my friends and me always feel so welcome and safe!!! John Hart and Gene Newsom, you truly are The Best!! Terry Paulus 

Dave Pratt with Paul Stanford @ Start Skydiving Photo By Tom

“And when I’m at the beach, I’m in a Speedo trying to tan my cheeks”“Happy Birthday Jennifer Force” Photo By Rudder“Terry Paulus jumping with Paul”“May Lim Find a new way to Fly” Photo By Tom” Indiana University Basketball Coach Tom Crean with Crystal Combs at Start Skydiving”

“Kid Rock and Rick Dale @ Demo”


SALUTING OUR MILITARY: Staff Sgt. Michael E. Norton

A squad leader with the 75th Ranger Regiment was awarded the Silver Star for risking who his life to save two fellow Rangers in Afghanistan. “Any Ranger would have done the same thing,” said Staff Sgt. Michael E. Norton of Alpha Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Rangers. “The Ranger Creed says, ‘I will never leave a fallen comrade.’ There was no moment of thinking about what to do. I had to get my brothers and the most important thing in my mind was how hurt they were.” Norton led his squad on an objective, Aug. 4-5, to raid an enemy combatant’s headquarters camp in the mountains of northwestern Khowst Province in Afghanistan. While moving to the objective, Norton and one of his team leaders were alerted to possible enemy combatants along the route and moved forward to assess the situation. As Norton and his team leader were attempting to identify the possible enemy in the valley, a seven to nine man enemy element initiated a complex, near ambush on Norton’s squad from the high ground with rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire from a position of 25 meters to the squad’s front. “The fire came from our 12 o’clock and then maybe a couple of seconds later from our right and left,” Norton said. Behind the first enemy rocket-propelled grenade team, a medium machine gun on elevated ground to the northwest engaged them with highly effective fire. Two more enemy combatants were on the slope of the valley to the west, engaged the Ranger squad with an AK-47 and rocket-propelled grenades along the long axis of their formation, while another group of enemy fighters were on elevated terrain to the east, raked them with small arms fire from the rear of the Ranger squad formation. The multiple enemy positions had effectively enveloped Norton’s squad from multiple directions at a distance of 25 to 50 meters, leaving Norton and his element pinned to the floor of the valley by the intense and accurate small arms fire. The valley left no room for maneuver; Norton, his squad and the machine gun team element behind them immediately returned fire, but they were unable to gain fire superiority over the well-established enemy. After the second rocket-propelled grenades knocked two of his Rangers temporarily unconscious and blasted the rest of his squad with shrapnel and debris and realizing his element could not gain fire superiority, Norton shouted for his squad to break contact.
When Norton realized that two Rangers had not gotten up and were still exposed to the heavy volume of enemy fire from the high ground to the east and west, and with complete disregard for his own safety, Norton turned around and with marked distinction, purposefully charged back into the interlocking fire of the enemy ambush kill zone in order to recover his downed Rangers. “The example of personal courage that Staff Sergeant Norton showed, to get his men out of the kill zone is a testament to his character,” said Maj. Keith Carter, A Company commander. “NCOs such as Staff Sergeant Norton are the reason I wanted to serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment, and it is an honor to lead them.” Without hesitation, Norton dove down into the midst of enemy fire with his unconscious comrades, uncertain of their status. “There was nothing fancy going on in my head besides hoping they weren’t dead,” said Norton. While the rest of the element attempted to suppress the enemy, and lying next to the Rangers, Norton “started shaking and yelling as quietly as I could.” After reviving his Rangers, Norton led them back to cover through the hail of direct fire and rocket-propelled grenade strikes, saving their lives and bringing his entire squad out of the enemy onslaught intact. “I’m proud of the actions of my squad, because we continued the mission after that,” said Norton. “It was just two minutes out of our overall mission.” As his platoon fought off the enemy ambush with direct fire, mortars and close air support, Norton quickly assessed his casualties and reorganized his squad to return to the fight. Norton continued leading his squad in the follow-on assaults through two more direct fire contacts, killing two enemy combatants. “We receive a lot of great training here at 3rd Ranger Battalion and I was just acting on instinct,” said Norton. The training conducted by Rangers means everything on the battlefield. “The goal of the company and battalion is to create the most realistic scenarios possible while minimizing risk,” Carter said. We constantly integrate new enemy tactics from overseas into our training so that we are ready in any situation.” The overall assault force killed 20 enemy fighters, destroyed two enemy anti-aircraft guns and several other weapons, explosives and military supplies on the objective resulting in the disruption of a major enemy headquarters and encampment. Norton joined the Army from his hometown of Pensacola, Fla., June 2004, after graduating from West Highland Christian Academy and has deployed six times in support of operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. He is the son of Jimmy and Deborah Norton of Holly, Mich.

Here are a few good links:

Start Skydiving YouTube
Start Skydiving Live Load List
United States Parachute Association
Start Skydiving Newsletter sign-up

News from Start Skydiving Florida:

Kenzie with Thomas

Anjum Ahmed and Lonnie Kirk at Start Skydiving Florida.

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News from Team Fastrax:

Alex Hart Lands @ University of Cincinnati

Dan Paganini Jumps University of Cincinnati Flag for Team Fastrax on the exhibition parachute jump into the University of Cincinnati Football game.

Team Fastrax Member, Dan Paganini jump into Chester Roush Stadium in Kettering, Ohio before this evenings Centerville vs Fairmont football game, carrying our Stars and Stripes. TOTALLY AMAZING!! Photo By Terry Paulus

This weeks Demo’s

10 13 2012 University of Cincinnati Football vs. Fordhame

  • Dan Paganini American Flag
  • Bud Pyro
  • David French Pyro
  • Paul Stanford Pyro
  • John hart Pyro
  • Alex Hart Streamer
  • Gary Holden Ground Crew
  • Marshal Pilot

10 14 2012 63rd AMA Pro Hill Climb

  • Dan Paganini American Flag
  • Gary Holden Ground Crew

10 14 2012 New Castle Motorsports Park

  • Dan Paganini American Flag
  • Fang Streamer
  • Bud Streamer
  • David French Streamer
  • Gary Holden Ground Crew
  • Marshal Pilot

Last weeks Demo’s

10 05 2012 Mid Fest

  • Dan Paganini American Flag
  • Rudder French Flag
  • Babs Ground Crew
  • Marshal Pilot

10 05 2012 Parkersburg South vs. Parkersburg (ARMY)

  • Bud American Flag
  • Gila Army Flag
  • Adrienne Ground Crew
  • Jeff Anderson Pilot

10 05 2012 Roger Bacon HS

  • Ditch American Flag
  • Robin Streamer / Game Ball
  • Gene Ground Crew
  • Marshal Pilot

10 06 2012 New Carlisle

  • Dan Paganini American Flag
  • Gary Holden Streamer
  • Babs Ground Crew
  • Marshal Pilot

10 06 2012 University of Cincinnati Football vs. Miami Ohio

  • Dan Paganini American Flag
  • Bud Streamer
  • David French Streamer/ Game Ball
  • Paul Stanford American Flag
  • Alex Hart Streamer
  • Gary Holden Ground Crew
  • Marshal Pilot


06 14 2012 Start Skydiving “Flag Day” Hook Field Team Fastrax Video By “Brett Dennis”

06 14 2012 American Legion “Flag Day” New Carlisle Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

06 30 2012 Kentucky Speedway Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

07 28 2012 Nuxhall Miracle League Team Fastrax Video By “Dan”

08 24 2012 Simon Kenton High School (ARMY) Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

09 01 2012 Mead Cusa Cup West Carrollton  Team Fastrax Video By “Rudder”

09 01 2012 Mead Cusa Cup OAK GROVE PARK Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

08 31 2012 Fairfield High School Game Team Fastrax Video By “Dan and Rudder”

09 01 2012 IU vs. Indiana State Team Fastrax Video By “Dan”

09 06 2012 University of Cincinnati Football vs. Pittsburgh Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 09 2012 Darby Dan Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 15 2012 Air Force Marathon Team Fastrax Video By “Team Fastrax”

09 15 2012 Safety Fair Team Fastrax Video By “Dan P”

09 15 2012 University of Cincinnati Football  Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

10 06 2012 University of Cincinnati Football  Team Fastrax Video By “Bud”

Upcoming Demos:

  • 10 13 2012 University of Cincinnati Football vs. Fordhame
  • 10 14 2012 63rd AMA Pro Hill Climb (New)
  • 10 14 2012 New Castle Motorsports Park (New)
  • 10 20 2012 Minges Pumpkin Festival (New)
  • 10 21 2012 Minges Pumpkin Festival (New)
  • 10 26 2012 Chillicothe vs. Portsmouth (ARMY)
  • 10 26 2012 Westerville North vs Westerville South (ARMY)
  • 11 03 2012 University of Cincinnati Football vs. Syracuse
  • 11 17 2012 University of Cincinnati Football vs. Rutgers
  • 11 23 2012 University of Cincinnati Football vs. USF (PYRO JUMP)

Team Fastrax.

News from Start Aviation Services:

Don’t forget to show support for us by Liking us on Facebook and leaving 5-star reviews on our Google Places page: Start Aviation Services Every little bit helps get our name out there!

Start Aviation Services.

Take time to smell the roses @ Start Aviation Services

A wide variety of aircraft visit our ramp.A wide variety of aircraft visit our ramp.A wide variety of aircraft visit our ramp.

The Team Jacob Foundation 

For more information or to make a donation see the Links Below:


Gene Newsom

Start Skydiving & Team Fastrax Professional Skydiving Team
Middletown Regional | 1711 Run Way Drive | Middletown, Ohio 45042
877GOJUMP2 / 877.465.8672
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Click Here For Team Fastrax Skydiving Video
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Start Skydiving proudly serves the Skydive Cincinnati, Skydive Columbus, Skydive Dayton, Skydive Cleveland, Skydive Lexington, Skydive Louisville and Skydive Indianapolis areas. Start Skydiving is where Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky go to skydive. If it is your first skydive or you are an experienced skydiver, come skydive with Start Skydiving Ohio. We teach more people to skydive than any other skydiving center in the Midwest. Find out why we are the #1 place to skydive in the world. 


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