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Flat Stanley Adventure’s @ Start Skydiving

Flat Stanley Adventure’s @ Start Skydiving

Flat Stanley with MR Gila Getting ready to load Lady Liberty.

Flat Stanley with Mr. Gila Loading Lady Liberty.

Flat Stanley with Mr. Anderson in Aircraft.

Flat Stanley Looks Happy!

Flat Stanley “Warning Watch For Spinning Prop”

Flat Stanley also drove the Dooley Fuel Truck!

Flat Stanley had time to take the Sheriff Helicopter for a spin!

Flat Stanley fueled up the incoming Jets!

Stanley Drove the Jet Truck!

Flat Stanley Hangs out next to Gripper Rock!

Stanley makes popcorn for the pilots. He is making raving fans.

Stanley Hard at work and manifest!

Stanley getting ready for a video Jump!

Stanley earned his riggers license so he thought he would repack a reserve!

Stanley getting practice pulling Lady Liberty with the Tug!

Stanley on a full CASA Load All Ready to jump!

Stanley always making sure the fuel price is up to date!

Stanley Loves Go Fast!

Flat Stanley With Mr. Bud In the Beech 99.

Flat Stanley With Mr. Bud In Freefall “Stanley 1st Jump @ Start Skydiving”

Stanley and  Gene Loves Training! “Stanley” Your not suppose to sleep on the job. I hope you clocked out before you decided to take a nap!


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