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Start Skydiving 3 12 2012

News from Start Skydiving:

We had a FANTASTIC weekend! Over 300 slots, 7 new AFF students, and almost all of the Start Skydiving family came out to celebrate opening weekend with us. We have 3 new coaches, Adam Ralston, Ryan Boone, and Paul Wignall. That means there will be plenty of free beer next weekend! Manifest gave away a few $90 tandems for opening weekend. Gayle Horton and Kelly Cummins were surprised to receive a HUGE discount at the cash register. Team Fastrax kept flags in the air on almost every load for us to enjoy and Kyle Whittier was sporting the green jumpsuit while he works on his PRO rating. We will be opening up on Wednesday due to the excellent weather forecast. So come out and support an unexpected day open so that we can have several more like it before we open up the dropzone completely.

Freeflyers dirt dive a 4-way VFS dive. with Chris Frayer, Jennifer Frayer, Alex Hart and Brad Hunt at Start Skydiving.

Eric Boerger

Coach Course @ Start Skydiving John III & Adam

Matt Roehl, A license

Start Skydiving Coach Course

 2012 Tunnel Camp: 

Come join us at the largest wind tunnel in the world and train with John II and John III March 23-25!  We will be working on RW skills, mastering the mantis body position and having a blast!  While this camp is 4-way oriented, it can be geared to train and practice any belly-flying skills such as those needed for AFF/Coach jumps. People will learn in tandem with each other, allowing two coaches and two people to be in the tunnel together, reducing the cost of the time. Contact John Hart III at for more information and to book your time.


Our primary goal for one-on-one coaching is to learn all of the basic skills needed to participant in four-way. Learning the right techniques such as; basic body position, side-sliding, going up and down, forward and backward movement and of course (center) turns. You will be briefed on drills that you will employ in combination with all of the above mentioned techniques, in one session.

TWO ON TWO COACHING Two-on-Two coaching Participants must be pre-qualified by coaches to participate. This is for competent flyers that like to train 4-way but can’t fill in the other team slot’s. Team Fastrax offers the opportunity to fly with several coaches per session. This makes it possible for each participant to train the way he or she likes.

Start Skydiving New Sidewalk

2012 University of Cincinnati Skydiving Club:

UC has a new skydiving introduction course worth 1 credit hour. You get college credit for learning the basics of skydiving and also given the opportunity to make a jump at the end of the course. It is only 3 days long. Class is on May 9th, 10th, and 11th and the class is held at night each of these nights. On Saturday, May 12th, the class goes to the drop zone in the morning to jump. Sign up for the class to not only have the most fun credit hour of your college career but also to learn more about skydiving. CJ 520P is the code for the system!

Big thanks to John Wright for setting up the class and supporting the UC Skydiving Club!


PFC. Alex Kakaris, 21, of Franklin, is a combat medic in the U.S. Army currently serving at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas.

Alex Kakaris

Here are a few good links:

Start Skydiving YouTube
Start Skydiving Live Load List
United States Parachute Association
Start Skydiving Newsletter sign-up

News from Start Skydiving Florida:

The weather in Florida has been fairly frightful so we’ve been dealing with a lot of cloud and rain delays for the last few days, but thanks to Treeman, for making a big fire in the fire pit for us to enjoy!

That being said – don’t forget to show support for us by Liking us on Facebook and leaving 5-star reviews on our Google Places page: Start Skydiving Florida. Every little bit helps get our name out there!

We also have a few demos planned over the next 2 months for local communities and events to keep people talking about us and taking the plunge with us.

News from Team Fastrax:

Rudder working with Kyle on team training


  • Ground Crew Training Camp March 17 2012 Starting @ 9 am. (Team Room)
  • Team Fastrax tryouts will also be held on June 2012.  Contact Gene at if you are interested.
  • Team Fastrax PRO Training camp May 18, 19 20 2012.  Contact Gene at if you are interested.
  • 3 Team Fastrax training camps date and time will be posted later.
  • Team Tandem Master Please email Medical Certificate and Rating  to Gene at

Big Kenny & Bud

Upcoming Demos:

  • 04 04 2012 Dayton Dragons – 7:00 pm
  • 04 14 2012 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach – 11:40 am
  • 04 15 2012 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach – 1:10 pm
  • 04 20 2012 25th Running Women’s Little 500 – 7:00 pm
  • 04 21 2012 62nd Running Men’s Little 500 – 2:00 pm
  • 04 25 2012 UC Baseball
  • 05 03 2012 Amanda Elementary
  • 05 12 2012 McGuire AFB NJ air show
  • 05 13 2012 McGuire AFB NJ air show
  • 05 18 2012 American Cancer Society Relay For Life
  • 05 18 2012 UC Baseball
  • 05 19 2012 Dayton Dragons – 7:00 pm
  • 05 28 2012 Shaun Meadows
  • 06 16 2012 Veterans Appreciation Rally
  • 06 17 2012 Veterans Appreciation Rally
  • 06 24 2012 Bishop Fenwick Festival 60th Anniversary jump
  • 06 29 2012 Harley Rally in Dayton
  • 07 09 2012 Dayton Defense Golf Outing – 8:00 am
  • 07 21 2012 Tri-State Rhythm and Rib Fest
  • 08 17 2012 All Ohio Balloon Fest
  • 08 18 2012 All Ohio Balloon Fest
  • 08 24 2012 Piqua High School – 7:00 pm
  • 08 24 2012 Talwanda High School – 7:00 pm
  • 08 25 2012 Dayton Dragons – 7:00 pm

Gary loading Lady Liberty for team training

Gene over Atlanta Motor Speedway

News from Start Aviation Services:

Don’t forget to show support for us by Liking us on Facebook and leaving 5-star reviews on our Google Places page: Start Aviation Services Every little bit helps get our name out there!

Gulf Stream 550 @ Start Aviation Services

Mcdonnell Douglas Helicopter 600N

The Team Jacob Foundation 

For more information or to make a donation see the Links Below:

Team Jacob Web:

Team Jacob Facebook:


Gene Newsom

Start Skydiving & Team Fastrax Professional Skydiving Team
Middletown Regional | 1711 Run Way Drive | Middletown, Ohio 45042
877GOJUMP2 / 877.465.8672
Click Here For New 9 /11 Memorial Jump 2011
Click Here For Team Fastrax Skydiving Video
Click Here For Team Fastrax documentary
Click Here For 9/11th Memorial Jump in New York


One thought on “Start Skydiving 3 12 2012

  1. I would like to thank Start Skydiving, Middletown, OH for a truly awesome experience (Mar. 11, 2012). We were greeted by a courteous staff and the tandem (jump) masters went out of there way to make us welcome. They were friendly, professional and you knew, without a doubt, that you were in good hands.

    The videos were excellent and I highly recommend paying for a photographer to jump with you.

    To “Gilla”, my tandem master, you are the master. Thanks for an incredible experience.

    Jon Hodges, Buffalo, NY

    Posted by Jon Hodges | March 13, 2012, 5:13 pm

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