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Start Skydiving 11 19 2011

At Start Skydiving we completed 19 loads, and 62 tandems despite gusty winds On Saturday 19 November  2011, 74 of the 213 Slot were filled by Fun Jumper’s two of which was Angela Kurdys and Chelsea Ramsey Please take a look at the photo below.

USPA A licenses

Congratulations You now have bragging rights–you’re officially a skydiver’s

Chelsea and Brad Hunt on Her Check Dive

2011 Start Skydiving Christmas Party

Saturday December 3, 2011 at 6:30 PM EST

2011 Start Skydiving Christmas Party We will be celebrating another great year with all of our friends at StartSkydiving. This year the event will be a potluck dinner held here at the dropzone in Middletown, OH.  This year’s awards will be given and of course there will be the premiere of the awesome year end video By Eric.

Here are a Few Photos from Start Skydiving:

Dan with a mouth Full 

Starts Party Wagon

UC Skydiving Club

Please watch some of are Video:

Gene Newsom 
Start Skydiving & Team Fastrax Professional Skydiving Team
Middletown Regional | 1711 Run Way Drive | Middletown, Ohio 45042
877GOJUMP2 877.465.8672


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