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Start Skydiving @ Carlisle Lions Club 11 15 2011

“Carlisle Lions Club”

  It was a Tuesday meeting at Carlisle Lions Club District 13H and I travelled  to Carlisle Ohio by Team Fastrax Truck to the venue, the Carlisle Lions . After the excellent dinner I was introduced and and had a great time I talked  about me, Professional Exhibition (PRO) Rating, decorated veteran US Army Ranger and Green Beret. With over 15000 Skydives, I was a Accelerated Free Fall Instructor Evaluator, Tandem Instructor Examiner,  Instructor Examiner, Pilot and a Master Rigger licensed by the  Federal Aviation Administration at Start Skydiving in Middletown OH.  I covered all the work for the 9-11 jump and then showed the video.

I then covered all about team Fastrax and Start skydiving There are many highly qualified and experienced members on Team Fastrax.  The team competes at the highest levels nationally and internationally, and holds the highest ratings in their sport. With a combined jump total of more than a quarter of a million skydives, the team consists of a professional four-way competition team, pro canopy piloting  team, and pro demonstration team.  Two members of this team hold Guinness world records on September 8-9, 2006 Jay Stokes, has set  the record for most skydives in 24 hours with an amazing 640 jumps  from an airplane that’s a jump every 2 Minute and 15 Second.

Also Travis Donley, has set record On June 20, 2010 by breaking two 1″ x 12″ x 10″ pine boards after leaping from an airplane 12,500 feet above the ground and free-falling at 120 mph.

Then i was asked about 50 Questions.

  • Is there an age requirement to skydive?
  • Is it okay to have an alcoholic drink before skydiving?
  • Is there a weight limit?
  • What kind of plane do you fly?
  • What if the parachute doesn’t open?
  • Is skydiving safe?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What kind of parachute will I use? is it Round?
  • How hard will the landing be?

I had a Great time!

I want to thank the Carlisle Lions Club District 13H for the invite I was a blast.

Carlisle Lions Club District 13H

Gene Newsom 
Start Skydiving & Team Fastrax Professional Skydiving Team
Middletown Regional | 1711 Run Way Drive | Middletown, Ohio 45042
877GOJUMP2 877.465.8672


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